ISGH Membership Drive

Last updated: May 31st, 2019

Assalamu Alaykum

The Membership Committee at Masjid AlSalam has been diligently working to not only make it easy for  you to become an ISGH member, but also to define some tangible benefits of that membership.

  • ISGH is your organization and needs your support as it continues to establish itself as a model community services oriented organization.  Becoming a member allows you to have a voice in shaping ISGH’s future and its direction.
  • Membership fees are minimal and serve to support the administrative costs for running the main office and its staff.
  • Having a strong membership roll allows ISGH to effectively advocate for the Muslim community in cases of governmental overreach and defend our rights.
  • There are also some monetary benefits of having an ISGH membership that includes:
    • reduced funeral expenses when a loved one passes away
    • discounts provided on fees for programs hosted at Masjid AlSalam, such as the Weekend Islamic School, summer camp, and other events that occur throughout the year
    • discounts arranged with several businesses.  Refer to THIS LIST for details of the available discounts.
    • estimates savings are up to $270 a year for a family of four!


Please join today!  The deadline to be eligible to vote in the next ISGH elections as a member is June 30th.

For any questions, please email the Masjid AlSalam Membership Committee at [email protected]