AlSalam Free Clinic

[dropcap]Located [/dropcap] within the premises of AlSalam Masjid, our clinic offers essential medical and ancillary services to the community in and around Spring, TX.  Our team of physicians and volunteers are dedicated to serve the community to the best of their abilities.

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Dear Community,

As you all are aware, our clinic is unable to offer medical services for almost a month and many families in the community are in great need of non-Covid-19 related medical assistance such as refill, lab work & follow up etc. Due to this reason, starting this Sunday April 5, 2020 we planned to resume the clinic operations however unlike past, the clinic will not operate in the same traditional way.

We have acquired the required technology. We will use Telemedicine/Zoom with HIPPA compliant platform provided by Google patient portal. This advanced patient portal can communicate with the patients while they are sitting in their vehicles in the parking lot. To observe social distancing, each vehicle, patient, and accompanied family member will strictly follow drive-thru style checkup procedure.

Dear Patients, when you enter the Masjid parking lot, please look for the volunteers who will direct you on where to bring your car.  Please do not leave you car.  Volunteers will bring the necessary equipment to you in your car to allow you to connect with a physician using the new Telemedicine/Zoom platform.

Clinic’s new hours of operation will be from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.


Clinic Timings: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM Every Sunday

Contact Phone: 281-786-3276 

Scheduled Physician Calendar:

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The AlSalam Clinic has formally merged its operations under the umbrella of the Shifa USA organization and is now referred to as Shifa Salam Clinic. The clinic resumed its operations starting Sunday, Nov 19th, 2017 from 2 – 5 PM.

The team previously responsible for running this clinic has started a new clinic called Champions Community Clinic, which is now located outside the masjid premises.  Please refer to their website for more details and to schedule appointments.

Both the Shifa Salam Clinic and the new Champions Community Clinic will continue to serve the community with free or low cost medical services.