[dropcap]Champions[/dropcap] Athletics Program (CAP) collectively refers to the various sports teams that are active in our community.  Presently this includes Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, and Table Tennis.

Here is some useful information about our sports programs:

  • The basketball teams and the badminton teams are playing regularly in the Gym.  To get the specific times for their practices / games, please refer to the Multi-Purpose Hall (Gym) Calendar shown below.
  • The primary go-to person to get involved with the basketball teams is Br. Imran Moton.  He can be reached at [email protected].
  • There are plans in motion to convert the large grassy area in the rear of the masjid into professional quality soccer and cricket grounds!  At present the soccer and cricket teams do not play in the masjid grounds due to lack of adequate facilities.  Once the construction of the new fields is completed, we should see a whole lot of cricket and soccer matches within the masjid grounds.

Please check back here soon.  We plan to provide here not only the contact information for each team so those interested in joining know who to contact, but also information about the various team’s schedules, news about their wins (or God forbid, losses), photos from their games, etc.

CAP Basketball Program offer year round basketball league, tournament and training camps aimed at providingan atmosphere rich in personal development ensuring future success.


8 Weeks Spring League:

Offers twice a week sessions of training and scrimmages. The team also participates in tournaments once a month. Spring league will start on Sunday February 18th and end April 19th.

Wednesday Timings: 6:30 PM Elementary (up to 6th Grade) & 7:30 PM Middle & High School

Sundays: 4:30 PM Elementary and 5:15 PM Middle/High School

Fees: $60 per child for the six weeks program. Please click on the link below for online payment

Tournament participation fees for league teams is separate and decided at a later date.


CAP High School Tournaments:

High School Tournaments are held monthly. All tournaments start at 7 PM. Full year schedule is given below.

President Day Challenge : Feb 16th  – Deadline to Register Feb 6th

Spring Break Challenge: March 23rd  –  Deadline to Register March 11th

Cherry Blossom Challenge: April 27th  –  Deadline to Register April 15th

Ramadhan All Night Challenge May 18th –  Deadline to Register May 16th

Summer Challenge: July 20th –  Deadline to Register July 8th

Return to School Challenge: August 17th  –  Deadline to Register August 15th

Labor Day Challenge: September 21st  –  Deadline to Register September 9th

Fall Challenge: October 17th  –  Deadline to Register October 15th

Thanksgiving Challenge: November 21st  –  Deadline to Register November 9th

End of Year Challenge December 28th – Deadline to Register December 16th

Tournament Registration Fees : $75 per team (max 8 players per team). Please pay for tournament below. Pizza and snacks provided.

Please pay $75 (link for online payment coming up soon)

CAP Middle School Tournaments

February 10th – 7PM to 10 PM

Future Dates: TBD

Tournament Registration Fees : $30 per team (max 8 players per team). Please pay for tournament below. Pizza and snacks provided.

Please pay $30 (link for online payment coming up soon).

Team Name: Champions Cricket Club
Captain:: Omar Bangash

Contact Details:
Omar – 832 605 7691
Saifee – 281 245 9170
Mohiuddin – 832 248 1844

Photo Gallery: